Ken Watson

Born and raised in Texas, Ken has great appreciation for the region, its people and the opportunities of real estate investing. His career began as a loan officer several years ago where he closed over 7 million dollars in loan transactions, which served as the foundation for his passion for real estate and from there he ventured into becoming an independent investor. His passion for the industry began as a young adult when he learned that he had the power to secure his own financial freedom through real estate and thus began his investing career for over 2 decades now. He has handled over 8 million dollars in real estate transactions and closed over 115 deals. Ken began working with ATW Investments since 2006 he joined the team full time in 2012. He has mastered the strategies of asset protection and led the way for the Acquisitions Team in San Antonio until stepping into his current role as Director of the Waco Market.

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Waco Market

The Waco / Temple / Killeen Market is a vibrant, growing market. It is located halfway between Dallas and Austin which are two major cities in Texas. Fueling this growth is a very strong job market, which continues to exceed expectations every year. This strong job market is also very diverse. Industries range from military to education, and everything in-between, such as manufacturing and retail.

Waco is home to the country’s oldest private university. Recently, Baylor built a new stadium to house the growing, expansive crowds for their sports. Baylor is widely regarded as one of the education systems in the country. When you come to visit, you will quickly notice the constant construction. With such high growth comes the constant upgrading and expansion of the infastructure of the area. There are numerous retail stores, strip malls, and hotels!

This area  is also the hub for major retailers, such as Dr Pepper and Walmart. It is easy to see that this area is full of promise, and why ATW is firmly placed in these areas.