Brian Payton

Brian Payton is an accomplished investor with over $250 million dollars’ worth of transactions over the past decade. Raised by a single mother, he always knew he could achieve the American dream of being successful despite all odds through his hard work and dedication. A voracious reader and enthusiastic student, he self-taught and mastered the necessary traits to be an effective leader, skilled negotiator and has utilized this knowledge to educate many during his real estate investment seminars. He overcame his humble beginnings and has built up ATW Investments to be one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Texas.

Although his company has become the #1 investment company in Texas, with satellite offices in different cities and 60+ staff members, it started as a one man operation in 2003. Mr. Payton’s original intent was to buy and flip houses for his own portfolio, but as he branched out into the market and met other investors he quickly realized there was a real need for a one stop shop for real estate investments. He knew the market needed a company that would handle the transaction from the beginning to end and that’s exactly the kind of company he created.

Mr. Payton’s passion for investing has allowed him to be the founder of several sought after companies and he works with investors from the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia and all over the world. He is founder of ATW Investments Inc., UpFront Capital Lending and American Dream Renovations and Construction. He can be reached at contact@atw-investments.com or (210) 784-0151.

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Marilyn Gonzalez

Marilyn Gonzalez was born and raised in the Central Texas area. She calls the lovely San Antonio area her home. From a very young age, she pursued her passion for Real Estate. Her career began by working with a local Real Estate company that she helped build from the ground up from. Inspections, walk-throughs, marketing and assisting in various HUD transactions are just some of the responsibilities she had. In 2010 she began her own investment portfolio and employed her own cash flow generating strategies. She ventured out internationally and learned how to invest not only in the United States but in countries such as Mexico. Over the years, she has worked for a high-end real estate franchise, and she has even seen the lending side of Real Estate by working with mortgage company. Marilyn’s passion for growth has led her to continue her education, and she has obtained a Bachelors in Business Management. Today, she is currently pursuing her MBA at Texas A&M. Real Estate and business is in Marilyn’s blood, and she is thrilled to put her skills to work at ATW Investments to impact the community in a positive and dramatic way.

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Upfront Capital is the source for Hard Money Loans and Private Funding in central Texas. We specialize in originating Hard Money Loans on investment real estate in San Antonio, Austin, Waco and the Killeen/Temple markets.

The mission of Upfront Capital is to turn the hard money loan business upside down by giving the repair draws on projects BEFORE the repairs have begun!

You can get into loans for little or no money out of pocket. This is the only way to truly leverage your cash giving it maximum potential.

We are active real estate investors and we are heavily involved in all aspects of single-family, multifamily and commercial investing. Upfront Capital is here to fund real estate deals and be the number one source of financing for real estate investors needing short-term access to funds.

Quick approvals, fast answers and guaranteed close! Everything an investor would want in a hard money lender.

Upfront Capital is a great resource for real estate investors by giving borrowers repair draws upfront. Real estate investing is a team sport and we want to be part of your team.

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