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In the current real estate market and in my position as President of ATW Investments Inc., I have the opportunity to see the actions real estate investors take on a day-to-day basis. Lately, I’ve noticed that many investors are shying away from the business. Based on my observations, I must say that the majority of Investors have forgotten the golden rule of investing.


Like any good boxer, investors must dodge the punches coming at them. In today’s market of subprime crashes, lenders closing doors and realtors looking for second jobs just to pay the bills, fear is motivating many investors to unload their properties. I’m wondering to myself, “Why am I the only one on the mountain top?” Below are my top three reasons for loving real estate right now:

1. When they stop buying, they start renting!

It’s a proven fact that real estate markets are cyclical. Sometimes they’re up and sometimes they’re down. What people don’t realize is that the market is also like a scale and when one is up, another is down. Well right now with the buyers’ market slowing, the rental market is gaining strength, which of course means higher rents and higher returns.

2. What else will get Uncle Sam off your back?

No matter where the market is, one thing that never changes are the tax breaks investing in real estate can offer. For instance, I may own a home that’s worth 10,000 dollars less than last year, but I still get the depreciation on the house. I still get to write off ALL of the expenses that are associated with the house in ANY way, which can make up many times over for the loss in actual value your property may have had.

3. How you buy matters–always.

Whether you’re in a high market or a low market you should always buy right, which is–AT A DISCOUNT. The truth is, in a market like we are presently in, it is much easier to purchase properties at a discount. Why, you ask? Well the answer is simple. More people are afraid and more people are in foreclosure and that means more people are willing to sell to you at a discount, a DEEP discount. So your job is even easier today than it was a year ago.

Investors–now is a great time to be in real estate! Deep discounts, motivated sellers and a growing number of renters–the only thing missing from this picture is you. And you’re missing a chance to make money! Don’t let fear stop you from overlooking opportunity. Remember the Golden Rule and you can succeed in any market!

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