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Thanks to all investors and readers of our blogs that submitted questions. 
Will From Alabama
Question:  I’m currently dealing with a nightmare situation. I have a tenant that is 60 days late and now I’m looking at another 60 days to get them out! Is there anything I can do to hurry the process up?

Will I don’t know Alabama’s tenant/eviction Laws so I would suggest you find them out. But I can help you with a few gentle suggestions. First off why did it take 60 days for you to see that the tenant was not paying? Our companies policy is the moment a tenant becomes late we send them a 3 day notice to pay or vacate. Depending on the communication they give us and the reasons for them being late we will allow up to two week s before we push eviction but that is it. Here in Texas it takes us about 21 to 45 days to get someone out so we know that if we start 15 days into them being late the worst were looking at is two months of nonpayment.  Another trick is to offer the tenant an incentive to leave. I have found that telling the non paying to leave the place spotless and in good shape and they will get 500 bucks and you have an eager person ready to leave your unit. (Yes I don’t like to reward bad behavior) but in this case the money and time you save makes it worth it.

Craig from Melbourne Australia
Question:  Here in Melbourne it is very common to own one unit amongst many others is that popular in the states?

Answer: Craig yes here it’s called Condo ownership. Condos can be popular depending on the city and the cities needs. For instance condos tend to be more popular in cities that do not have a wide sprawl to them. For instance in New York City Condos are all the rage. There simply is not a lot of room to expand. But here In San Antonio Condos are here but are not as popular. Simply put if you could buy a small home for the same price as a condo most people would choose the home and that is the case here.

Juwanna from Atlanta
Question: What is your Favorite book on business?
Juwanna to be honest I cannot pick just one. (I know that is a copout answer) I will for these purposes keep it to a simple three
Trump the art of the deal
Carnegie How to win friends and influence people (IT IS A BUISNESS BOOK)
Kiyosaki  Prophecy (The first chapter)

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