Zeke Martinez

Zeke Martinez has had real estate in his blood since a very early age. From his father, he learned the fundamentals of cash-flow investing and the power of consistent learning. Zeke continued his education to receive his Bachelor’s at

During his college years, he continued to feed his curiosity regarding Real Estate investing. He consumed books, videos, seminars, and even joined local mentorship programs. With his growing knowledge, he embarked on investing himself in the Texas markets. Over the years, his portfolio and network has grown immensely.

As Zeke became more involved in the real estate scene, he decided to join ATW Investments where he successfully ran the Acquisition department. He built the Acquisition Team in ATW to become the number one residential buyer in the San Antonio market. Now, he is currently running the outskirts department continuing to help ATW grow and conquer more markets.

san antonio outskirts


The Outskirt markets are very exciting opportunities. There are a multitude of properties in these areas with wonderful returns. However, these properties are rare pursued simply be cause they are not located in more traditional markets. But, from a return basis, these deals are excellent options.

After performing so well in the larger markets, ATW quickly realized that there were many properties that most investors just don’t know about in these outskirt areas. These areas are thriving, growing, and fully of opportunity!

With Zeke at the helm, ATW has quickly established itself as the premier real estate company in these areas. When looking for your next investment, do not overlook the outskirts!