Michael Quintanilla

Mike brings a diverse set of skills to ATW and is expertly equipped to design powerful investment portfolios for investors. He earned two degrees from Brown University, one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Human Biology, and specialized in system dynamics, designs and optimization workflows. Combined with his business experience as an entrepreneur with multiple ventures ranging from finance and investing to multi-media production, he is adept in market analysis and optimizing the performance of investor’s portfolios with focused insight that most other strategist never consider. Outside of ATW, his passions include enjoying outdoor activities with his wife and two dogs, playing and writing music, reading, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and spending time with family and friends.

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Yolanda Cooper

Yolanda is an Indiana native who moved to San Antonio, TX in 2005. She joined ATW Investments in late 2013 and has been a great asset to the team every since. Yolanda is an Investor Relations Specialist and works diligently to provide quality investments for her clients. She has mastered the investment strategies that the company has to offer and enjoys working with her colleagues to educate clients one seminar at a time. She has helped secure over $1.2 million dollars of passive cash flow for her invstors portfolios.

Yolanda Cooper


IRS Department is one of the key departments for you as an investor. Our team of Investor Relation Specialist are with you every step of the way from Seminars, Asset Protection, Purchasing your investment, Rehab, Asset Servicing to improving and growing your portfolio!

Each specialist is an expert in all ATW Strategies, real estate, investing, due diligence and can help guide you in what investment is best for your particular situation.  IRS agents are your point of contact and are always introducing new techniques new deals and information.

They consult with you personally and always have the Investor in mind. ATW prides itself on Win Win situations therefore we ensure the proper Due Diligence in our end to provide you with a great cash flow investment.

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