CEO's Message

ATW Investments was started with a simple goal in mind. I wanted to build my own portfolio and help investors in the process. That goal has morphed into a new vision. To provide ALL investors the opportunity to take the necessary steps to get them closer to achieving their financial freedom. To do this we do a few things that separate us from other companies.

Due Diligence / Open Door Policy
ATW knows that investors expect for the investments they take over to start them on the way to achieving their goals. The first step in accomplishing this is to run every possible investment through our three tiered Due Diligence system. This provides investors with a piece of mind knowing that the deal they look at has been looked at in every way possible. While ATW Investments wants investors to conduct their own due diligence as they see fit, we hold it as our responsibility to “do our job” and conduct the toughest diligence possible.

Protect the Principal
ATW Investments Inc is in the business of making solid returns for investors. However we find that the first step to producing returns is to KNOW 100% that a plan is in place to protect the principal investment of the investor. We accomplish this by purchasing vastly undervalued real estate. Another way we do this is creating value where there was none with the investments. We want our investors to know that we take very seriously the trust they put in us with their investment and we do everything in our power to protect that principal investment.

Having a plan B
Through my own investment career and the start of ATW, I’m often surprised at how many investment companies do not have a plan B when it comes to the investments they enter into. ATW knows that its investors expect that we can handle ALL kinds of different situations. We pride ourselves in being able to offer investors a wide variety of plans so that no matter what happens with an investment the investors will be in a position to achieve a positive result. We know that things happen with investments and rest assured when you invest with ATW there will be a plan B and C and D.

A long term relationship
ATW Investments is in the business of building long term win/win relationships with our investors. We are not a “one and done” company like so many others. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. At the end of the day the relationship is by far the most important aspect of the investment process. We thank you in taking a look at ATW Investments Inc. We look forward to taking that “first step” to achieving your financial goals.


Brian Payton