Cody Lawson

Cody got the entrepreneur bug when he and his best friend opened up a lemonade stand when they were eight years old. Since then his business ventures have continued to grow. He graduated from Texas A&M University – Kingsville with his B.S. and M.S. After graduating he went out into the “corporate” world and found out that wasn’t where he fit in. During his “corporate” stay, he had the opportunity to rehab a few houses and that’s when he fell in love with that business! After that he started to read as much as he could about the real estate investor community and how to properly build a business in real estate. He found refuge in a nation wide real estate investing coaching program called Fortune Builders. There he received the proper education he had been looking for and reading about. Cody and his wife, Charity, took a calculated risk to quit their “corporate” jobs and go into real estate together in 2010. While most investors were getting out of real estate at this time, they were getting in. Cody has worked with Brian Payton on different levels of real estate for more than five years. Together they started ATW’s hard money lending company Up Front Capital. Cody now runs the Austin market for ATW, continuing to provide top quality properties for the investors.


Austin Market

With Austin being the fastest growing city in the USA, and the 11th largest city, ATW felt the need to move in! Bloomberg Business has Austin ranked number 2 on the Forty Strongest U. S. Metro Economies list. Austin is a high-tech industry city and also the home of the University of Texas. The culture of the city is one of a kind for the state of Texas. It has an eclectic and artistic vibe that people travel from all over the country to come enjoy.

The economy is experiencing rapid growth, providing stability in the work place. Due to Austin’s growth and strong economy this is a great market to invest in using our ATW strategies. The properties here offer great returns as well as high quality tenant-buyers. Adding a few Austin properties will go a long way in strengthening your portfolio.