Ying Payton

Ying is a California native where most of her large family resides. With her strong family values, she has instilled a culture of family and loyalty within ATW. She leads the HR team and organizes all of the memorable events that ATW employees hold dear.

In addition, Ying heads the Asset Servicing and Internal Relations departments. Because of this, Ying and her team have an intimate relationship with the investors with each of their investments. She also frequents ATW’s travels to other countries to meet the investors in person where she gives her knowledge, expertise, and guidance first hand.

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ATW’s Asset Management Team provides top-notch asset management services to our clients. We provide global solutions specific to our client’s needs. We have over 10 years of experience in the business. Since 2004 our assets have grown exponentially in the past 4 years due to growing clientele of over 250 clients, solid patentable strategies, and an amazing team who understand the strategies and have decades of real world experience and proven expertise in successful real estate investing in the Texas markets.

ATW’s Asset Servicing Team is working everyday towards effectively and efficiently servicing and managing our client’s assets. We are committed to your success. Even with several years of down-markets, our company experienced growth as well as the financial portfolios of our clients. We are continuing our trajectory growth for ourselves and for our investors. We are confident that we have laid down the foundation and created solid teams to provide exceptional asset management services to our clients. Whether you reside locally or globally, our asset servicing experts work with you at every phase of your investment process.

Whether you are starting out in real estate investing or a seasoned real estate investor, we provide services that extend beyond investment managing. Our one-on-one approach provides the personal financial guidance and support that we believe is the foundation of a solid business partnership. With our in-house Asset Protection Team and Legal Team, all legal documents from land trusts and deeds to Series LLC’s are done in-house. We are there every step of the way pre-sale and post-sale. We charge a flat-rate fee unlike other companies who “nickel and dime” clients for their services. By doing business with us, you can feel assured that your investments and assets are in the best of hands.

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